Healing Through The Arts – Outreach Programs

Mattel Childrens Hospital UCLA

Our current Healing Through The Arts outreach program is at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA where we are working with the Chase Child Life Program in the hospital. We are bringing in groups of actors from The Ruskin Group Theatre & The Ruskin School of Acting to work with, mentor, teach and entertain the children/patients in the hospital in an ongoing partership.


Fostering Imagination

In 2005, we partnered with a local non-profit organization, Fostering Imagination, and began teaching acting to foster youth. The kids were partnered with an adult mentor, and for 15 weeks learned the Meisner technique, improv and rehearsed scenes, culminating in a live performance. The program expanded to include a film-making program and a computer lab for after school tutoring.

Rancho San Antonio Boys Home Teaching Program

This program was designed to teach young adults the Meisner Technique. Teachers and studens from the Ruskin taught an on-going class to 12-18 year old youths living in the Rancho San Antonio Boy’s home.

Prison Performance Program.

Begun in 2003, company members performed plays for inmates at the Richard J. Donovan correctional facility program in San Diego.

Camino Nuevo Elementary Teaching Program

Company members taught acting at the Camino Nuevo elementary school in downtown Los Angeles to promote deeper communication, self-expression and artistic training for the students.

Hospice Volunteer Program

The Company has supported members who volunteer to assist the elderly durring the last stages of their lives.